The Stories Are All One

Media surrounds us like a storm. A whirlwind of stories fly by us with each passing moment. The headline on our internet browser tells about a presidential candidate’s muck up that may cost him the election. Our television blasts news of another celebrity cheating scandal. But, what about the other stories? The ones about the feats of small-town heroes, the perseverance and inspiring wisdom of those struggling with debilitating diseases in hospital beds, or the simple acts of kindness  that are far too often overlooked and undervalued in today’s media. These are the stories worth hearing.

The stories that swallow the media and surround us like a tornado, those are the gusts. They are thrust at us with such force that we aren’t given time to think about them and instead, just accept them for what they are. They may knock us off our feet in shock one moment, but two days down the road we will most likely have forgotten about them. But, the stories that receive little or no attention in the media, those are the breezes. A breeze is different from a gust in that it slowly touches us, makes us think. A breeze is a funny thing. It has the ability to brush by our face and send chills down our spine. Much more so than a gust.

 The purpose of the all1story blog is to extract the breezes so that they may open our minds and ignite our souls. It is important to think about the other things going on in the world outside our own personal bubbles and outside the news that is handed to us daily. The hidden stories. Those are often the ones that end up having the most impact on us. We can gain so much perspective by learning from those around us. All of our stories are connected. Your story; the story of the family that just moved in next door; the story of the little girl who spends her days hooked up to tubes in a hospital bed; the story of the old man who risked his life to save a stranger; the stories of those you interact with on a daily basis; the stories of those you pass on the street every day but may never actually meet. Your story is theirs. Theirs is yours. We are constant page-turners in each other’s lives.

It is my hope that reading about stories which are often neglected in the mainstream media outlets will allow us to see the affect which others have on us and use this new perspective to realize just how much the smallest actions can have a positive impact on others. Smile to a stranger on the commute to work. That smile may just be the thing that gets them through the day. Spend some time reading to inner-city children. That night may be the night their guardian comes home twelve drinks under and starts beating them. Perhaps the superhero story you read to them a few hours earlier is replaying in their head as they imagine themselves soaring through the air with golden wings instead of falling prey to the grips of the demons in their household. Donate a few dollars to help build a school in Africa. Though it may not seem like a lot, sacrificing your daily Caramel Macchiato may be the thing that allows one more fragile mind to flourish.

 Let’s face it, the world’s story isn’t a fairy tale. Never will be. But, by realizing our part in the page turning, we can help prevent it from becoming an epic tragedy.

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