The Miracle Water Village

Ever have trouble filling your water bottle up at the gym? That’s me. All the time. I buy those fancy indestructible water bottles with the giant lids but always end up forgetting I have them and taking a plastic bottle instead and we all know those aren’t ideal matches for water fountains. First, you have the issue of leaning over at the exact right angle to get the bottle to the spout and I always get stuck at the child fountain and I mean, there are no children attending my spin classes so I’m trying to figure out why these fountains still exist in every gym. Can’t we just make them both the same height? Don’t get me wrong, I love kids, but this isn’t Gymboree. Then there’s the issue of lining that tiny little bottle opening up with the spout and you don’t want to put it too close that it touches (bleck! people could have put their mouths on that…right?!), but also don’t want to put it so far away that you miss it and the water flops onto your hand. Most of the time I end up getting a really good run for a while and then BOOM my hand slips and water bottle and hand go down, hit the metal base and hilarity ensues for the people in the line that has inevitably formed behind me. Most days I walk away a scanty quarter-bottle fuller and two points down on the dignity scale.


This is all funny to think about for us because we’ve got this endless supply of water and my butterfingers don’t have an adverse effect on the people who try to get water after me. But, what if that wasn’t the case? What if every time someone fumbled with a water bottle and some of the water was poured down the drain, it meant one less meal for a family? Imagine water being so precious that even one wasted drop would mean bad things for not just you, but everyone in your village. This is what many villages around the world face every single day. Drought. And, in turn, trying to figure out how to grow crops with no water.

Here’s the inspirational story of Hiware Bazar, a drought-prone village in India who came together as a community to turn themselves into a self-sufficient agricultural oasis. This is a must-watch video which teaches us the true meaning of being in control of our own circumstances rather than letting our circumstances control us:



The story of Hiware Bazar shows us that with hard work and perseverance as well as teamwork and strategic planning, anything is possible. Under the leadership of Popatrao Pawar, this village was able to pull itself out of a drought and become a flourishing, successful society. They teach us that you get nowhere by passively accepting your circumstances. If that was the case, the village would still be barren and uninhabited. As Mohan, a member of the village council said in the video, “This water miracle can happen to any village in the world…if only people truly believe that they can make it happen.” I think this is the perfect quote to end on because it not only summarizes the video and its meaning perfectly but it also serves as wise advice for anything you may face in life. Anything is possible if you only believe you can truly make it happen.


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