giving daisy

Today in church I heard a woman humming to “Trumpet Voluntary” as it was playing on the organ in the background. Normally I would think nothing of this. Many people sing and hum to the music during church. But this time it was different because the humming turned to sniffling. You never know what is going on people’s lives. Perhaps she was thinking about her mother who is no longer with us or maybe she has lost a child to whom she was a mother. It could have been anything. Maybe that song reminded her of a bad memory…or a good one. You just never know. I turned and gave a small smile to her, but left with that song on my mind.

“Trumpet Voluntary” is typically played at weddings, but parts are often heard being played at church on normal Sundays. You can listen to it below:

So, why did it stick out to me so much today? Because today is Mother’s Day. A song that is played at weddings does not hold significance to me on Mother’s Day because matrimony is the first step towards motherhood, because that is not always the case. Mothers are created every day, in different ways. A mother who births a child is not the only type that exists in our world. Blood is not what creates the motherly bond, but rather love.

not my flesh of flesh

The significance of “Trumpet Voluntary” being played on this day lies in a deeper place for me. Weddings are one source of new beginnings in our world. They mark the start of a new life, one that has never been known before. The same goes for motherhood. Mothers are the ultimate source of new life. They have a hand in turning the life cycle of the world. A woman has a child. A woman adopts a child. A woman loves a child. A mother is born. A child is born. A bond is created. A child grows up to become a mother and the cycle begins again.

mothers day

If love was like DNA, motherhood would be the bonds that connected its counterparts like fatherhood, friendship, passion, humility, etc. These are all equally important in the makeup of love but they need something to hold them together. Now, I am not saying a father cannot raise a child and have just as special a bond with them as a mother does. Fathers are part of the creation too. But motherhood is something above gender. It can only be found in the soul. Although it is not present in all people, the potential for it is. Everyone holds inside of them a source of life. It is up to them to turn it into the special bond that is motherhood. We have so much to learn from that. So much to thank our mothers and mother-figures for. Which brings me to share the poem below:

Lessons Mother Taught Us

She planted dill for swallow-tails
and milkweed where monarchs would lay
their caterpillar offspring round
the grass green meadows of May.

The migrants returned then as always;
how quickly her crops were consumed!
but countless chrysalides dotted the dell
tucked inside their golden cocoons.

Then early one morning she beckoned
us watch the mystery unfold;
the metamorphosis almost complete
translucent shells gave up their gold.

Wet wings greeted the rising sun
and the warmth of a soft summer breeze,
soon butterflies coloured meadow and wood
floating gracefully throughout the trees.

She told us of unseen transcendings
as we watched the born-agains soar;
so certain were we then of heaven
as if we had been there before.

J.D. Deutschendorf

every ending is a new beginning

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers, mothers-to-be, mothers-in-training, mothers at heart, mothers in heaven, and mothers of angels. We have you to thank for all the butterflies in our world and know that you are our only window through which to peek into heaven.

To my mother, I love you. You are my lighthouse and my sail. With you I can see through the darkest nights and soar across endless seas. Happy Mother’s Day to the best mom in the whole wide world. Without you, I would not be me.

mom and i

P.S. Thanks for dressing me like Little Miss Muffet.


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