Moving Mountains

Tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of the day the all1story blog was launched. Every single day of this past year I have been struck by stories and reminded of the importance of doing everything I can to share the strength, kindness, and strong spirits of those around me: friends, family, people I’ve met one time, and people I will probably never meet. I cannot begin to express the gratitude I have for the support of the all1story blog and I will continue to strive to share as many stories as I can in order to keep this chain of growth going. Each time we step into someone else’s story and walk through their pages we add more depth to our own chapters. To go back to all1story’s starting point: “We are all connected. In the printing press that is life, we make more imprints on the pages of others than we do on our own. Their ink touches our pages and ours theirs, and it all becomes on beautiful, messy novel.”

Today is no exception. Today I gained another handprint on my heart. And you soon will too.

Have you ever been told a story and as you are reflecting back upon it, a song comes on that completely summarizes everything that is going on in your mind at that time? That happened to me today. The song was “For Good” from the Broadway musical, Wicked and the story was Ryman’s.

ryman photo shoot

This is Ryman. She is 4 months old and has already had more surgeries than most of us will ever have in our entire lives. A friend of mine passed along her story today saying that she was diagnosed at birth with a metabolic disorder which does not allow for her to metabolize certain chemicals properly, leading to dangerous build-ups which can cause severe neurological damage if not taken care of properly. For this reason Ryman has essentially lived at the hospital since birth. The cure for her disorder is a liver transplant and after months of waiting, a liver was found that was a match and she underwent surgery last week to implant the new liver. Unfortunately, just as the light started to shine through the clouds for this family and they were set to go home, a clot was found which essentially destroyed the new liver Ryman and her family had waited so long for. Needless to say, Ryman will be needing a new liver.

ryman hospital bed

I cannot imagine the feeling that these parents must have had when they heard this news. They are from Nashville and have been living in a hospital halfway across the country in order to take care of their daughter’s condition. To hear that their baby will need ANOTHER liver transplant must have been devastating. But, if you read their blog ( you will see the strength and courageousness with which they are facing this new challenge.

ryman family

My friend described them like this: “I cannot say enough good things about this family. They are at the bedside with her day and night and are the most positive, sincere, and loving parents.” There is no doubt the love of a parent for their child is powerful enough to move mountains but sometimes this love needs to be supplemented with the love from other hearts, hearts that Ryman has placed a handprint on. This brings us back to the song that I heard today while reading about Ryman. It is about people who come into our lives in order to teach us something or help us grow. To listen to the song, click play below:

The song begins by talking about being limited. Sometimes you can give the world all the strength and perseverance you have inside of you but it just isn’t enough to tackle all of life’s challenges. Sometimes you need help from other people around you. That’s what all1story is all about. We are human beings with limits: our chapters can end and we can be left not knowing how to begin a new one. But as a whole, we are limitless. Why? Because as the song says, “I’ve heard it said that people come into our lives for a reason, bringing something we must learn. And we are led to those who help us most to grow if we let them, and we help them in return.”

helping others to live

Ryman and her family have taught us about the power of love. The passages in their blog provide us with strength and insight. Their story has made its mark on our hearts…like a handprint. Now it is our turn to help them with their page-turning. Ryman deserves many more chapters in her life. Let’s help her family by supporting them in their struggle. The link below will take you to her donation page:

Any amount of money or prayers and support will be immensely appreciated by this incredible family and their superhero of a daughter. Let’s give their love the support it needs to continue to move mountains.

ryman mom smiling


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