Weave Got the Dreamer’s Disease


It has been quite the year and I’ve been jumping in and out of the stories of so many amazing people that it honestly doesn’t feel like an entire year has passed since I’ve written. But, it has! I’m excited to share some of the lessons I’ve learned while I’ve been out there in the world doing stuff.

The next few posts were written last summer in Japan on a temporary blog created to chronicle the trip with my co-traveler, Rachel. We have since gone on to graduate together from our Master’s program and become Certified Child Life Specialists, accomplishments we are extremely excited about because they bring us further into a career we are so passionate about. Rachel just recently moved to Israel where she will be working with an organization that provides life-saving heart surgeries to children in need across the globe. Amazing stuff! You can follow her adventures here:


As for me, I’ve been adding many pages to my story, but want to start with a Japan recap since that is really where we left off…

Here was the description for our travel blog:

“This blog follows two dreamers taking the trip of a lifetime around Japan. We are graduate students studying to become child life specialists in the United States. On this trip we will work with hospitalized children while learning from HPS (Hospital Play Specialists) in hospitals and rehabilitation centers in Tokyo and Osaka. We will also be taking a training course in a Japanese art form called SAORI which we hope to eventually weave into our practice as child life specialists in the US.

As child life specialists it will be our job in the hospital to take the “dis” out of words like disability and disease. Because really they are just words. And yet this hold such stigma in our society. We want to take away the “dis” so children in hospitals are left with a sense of (dis)ease and more importantly pride in their (dis)ability.

Wake up kids.

We’ve Got the Dreamer’s Disease.

Don’t give up.

You’ve got a reason to live.”

More Japan posts to follow!


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