The Purest Form of Love

“Handle with care.” That’s the label society tells you to place on anything pertaining to love. And it’s true; sometimes love is fragile. Fragile like glass. There is no question that there is great beauty in glass. Glass, like love, often gives you the ability to see your own reflection. Sometimes you like what you see and sometimes you don’t. That’s how you can tell when it’s true love. When you see anyone other than your purest self in that reflection, it’s time to move on.

Speaking of pure forms, most of you Romcom fans can probably recall from the film Sweet Home Alabama that when lightning strikes sand it fuses into glass. So, in a way, sand is one of the purest forms of glass. But, what’s the purest form of love? Watch the video below to find out:

Bill and Shel have a love that’s like sand. They’re just like us, except that they’re not. Their love is as pure as it gets. It does not worry about appearances. It does not collapse under life’s pressures. It seeks no approval and fears no judgment. It is not rigid. It flows freely and moves with the wind. It is not transparent; it is out for everyone to see. It is simple and plays no games. It gives us joy to see and experience. It relaxes us and helps us realize what’s really important in life.

Their love is the sand by which our love is made. So whenever your love is cracking under life’s pressures, think of Bill and Shel and bring yourself back to that place before the lightning strikes: the place of pure love. As Bill said, “Our marriage is the same to us because of undying love. So if you’re in love, go for it, whether you’re disabled or not.”